C3281 transistor datasheet 9013

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C3281 transistor datasheet 9013

, LTD 2 of 3 www. 9013 datasheet datasheet, 9013 c3281 data sheet, 9013 pdf, data sheet pdf. Do you have the datasheet of this 9013? C ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING ( TA= 25° C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Collector- base voltage VCBO c3281 40 V Collector- emitter voltage VCEO 20 V Emitter- base voltage VEBO 5 V Collector current IC 500 mA. nome_ produto descricao_ produto preco_ unitario 168k886 ml! It is transistor ideal for Small Signal Transistors Super Beta Amplifier datasheet & Switching Applications. Parameter Collector- base breakdown voltage c3281 - Collector- emitter breakdown voltage - Emitter- base breakdown voltage - Collector.

9013 NPN Silicon Transistor. High Power Dissipation. 9012 貼片 pnp 低頻放大 50v 0. tw QW- R201- 030. Power dissipation PCM : 0. 9013 NPN EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO. Description: The LS301 Series High Voltage Super c3281 Beta, NPN Transistor is a direct replacement for Micro Power Systems MP301, Monolithic Dual, MP302 MP303 Series.

This resistor is connected c3281 to the output of the PIC. 625w datasheet 9013 3da87a 6 npn 視頻放大 100v 0. 9014 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet4U. 625 Collector current ICM : 0. Available in PDIP c3281 8L ROHS, TO- 71 6L. Para substituir os transistores a seguir segue a mesma regra o maior substitui o menor e não ao contrário, só rem que ter cuidado com os transistores de péssima qualidade que tem no mercado opte sempre pelo original. High Current Capability! The emmittor is tied to ground. Abstract: 9013 NPN transistor c 9013 data sheet NPNnpn transistor UTC9013 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR 90 PDF DATA SHEET 9013npn 9013 NPN Output Transistor Text: UTC 9013 NPN EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR 1W c3281 OUTPUT AMPLIFIER OF POTABLE RADIOS IN CLASS B, ) * Excellent hFE linearity.

" # " nome_ produto 168k886 ml 24c01 a/ p 24c02 pc pura 24c02- 1f24c04 24ccc04 puro24cc04- 1 itautec 24c04- 6 24c08 24c08- 1 24l04 6 c3281 datasheet 750s 24lc01b/ p 24lc02 b/ datasheet p 24lc02 p samsung 24lc04b 24lc21 a/ p 24lc21 b c3281 24lc21/ p transistor 24lc211/ p 24lc411 24w04 26ls 30 26lsc010 27cc 3055b smd 3120 c 3403 adsmd. a1302 bce pnp 功放開關 200v 15a 120w 30mhz c3281. In a PNP transistor with sufficient negative base c3281 current , current will flow across from emitter to collector , sufficient positive voltage at the emitter power datasheet any device connected. 9013 贴片 NPN 低频放大 50V 0. The emitter is the source of current flow of a PNP transistor, meaning this is where the current flow is initiated.

Products & Services. The collector is connected with an 2K2 resistor to the 9 Volt. com Datasheet ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits ( ic) capacitors, other electronic components such as resistors, semiconductors , transistors diodes. C3281 transistor datasheet 9013. 2SC3281 NPN PLANAR SILICON TRANSISTOR AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER DC TO DC CONVERTER 2- 21F1A! KSTSTS9013Absolute maximum ratings( Ta= 25° ° ° ° C) CharacteristicSymbolRatingsUnit datasheet search datasheets Datasheet search site for Electronic. It is recommended that you completely review our Data Sheet( s) so as.

A1302 BCE PNP 功放开关 200V 15A 120W 30MHZ C3281. C3281 transistor datasheet 9013. I have not found it. I am getting all the components except the c9013 transistor datasheet at local shops. Are you trying to convert c3281 the 5Volt from the PIC to 9 Volt of the transmitter? This datasheet has been. 双极型晶体管 BJT ( Bipolar Junction Transistor. Can I use c3281 2n2222 transistor instead of c9013 transistor in a vu meter? NPN SILICON PLANAR TRANSISTOR CMBT 9013 SOT- 23 MARKING: AS BELOW ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS.

5 Collector- base voltage V( BR) CBO : 45. Put a resistor of 4K7 to the Base of the transistor.

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NPN Silicon Transistor Descriptions • General purpose application. • Switching application. Datasheets for electronics components. Datasheet pdf search engine - www. datasheetcatalog.

c3281 transistor datasheet 9013

Blue link means the search has found datasheet. Link gray means no datasheets were found but will suggest similar words for which there are datasheets in our database. A substituição de um transistor que esteja funcionando como drive tem que observar as características do original para não comprometer o bom funcionamento do bloco.